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Giada De Laurentiis's Recipe for Adventure

Giada De Laurentiis's Recipe for Adventure

Taylor Morris joins celebrity chef and Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis and Penguin's Grosset & Dunlap to write a new series about how food can take you places.

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#1 Naples
#2 Paris
#3 Hong Kong
#4 New Orleans

Hello, Gorgeous! Blowout by Taylor Morris

Hello, Gorgeous!

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#1 Blowout
#2 Foiled
#3 Tangled
#4 Swept Up
#5 Do's and Don'ts

BFF Breakup by Taylor Morris

BFF Breakup

Best friends forever? Well...

Brooke and Madeline have been best friends since they first met. Nothing could possibly change that, right?

Except maybe middle school. As Brooke and Madeline encounter new challenges, suddenly their friendship isn't looking so solid. And when the cracks in their relationship become chasms, they must decide if there's anything worth salvaging--or if their dreams of "best friends forever" were mere fantasy. Told in alternating viewpoints, BFF BREAKUP is as touching as it is laugh-out-loud funny--and it chronicles a transformation that many readers will relate to.

Published by Simon & Schuster Mix on May 10th, 2011.

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Total Knockout by Taylor Morris

Total Knockout: Tale of an Ex-Class President

There's nothing ordinary about thirteen-year-old Lucia Latham. She gets straight As, loves health food, and is a great boxer. Nothing is more fun than a good old sparring match with her best friend, Cooper, especially since she usually wins.

What Lucia wants most though, aside from for her dad to find a new job, is to work in the White House someday -- and she's on the right track. She's been junior high class president for two years running, and as eighth grade starts she is about to be elected for the third year in a row, an occurrence she would like to point out is unprecedented. In short, there are few things Lucia tackles that don’t turn out exactly the way she wants them, and she has no reason to suspect that this year will be any different.

But no sooner is she elected three-peat president than she's impeached! Also an unprecedented occurrence. What’s an ex-president to do -- especially when it's all her fault? Can Lucia rebuild her carefully constructed world in time to save not only her political reputation but also her own self-image?

Published by Simon & Schuster MiX on September 9, 2008.

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Class Favorite by Taylor Morris

Class Favorite

It all started three days after I officially became a woman: the message of mass destruction arrived. It was February 14, to be exact. Happy Valentine's Day.

Sara Thurman has never considered herself part of the popular crowd -- she's got her best friend, Arlene, and that seems like enough. But when Sara's mom sends a special Valentine's Day delivery to her class, all of a sudden Sara is very famous—only for a horribly embarrassing reason. It seems everyone at Bowie Junior High knows something about Sara that she's rather keep to herself, and the harder Sara tries to blend in, the more she ends up sticking out.

Not only that, but it suddenly seems that Arlene doesn't have time for her anymore, and she has an unbearable crush on Jason, who doesn't have any idea who she is (until now, that is). Worst of all, nothing's felt the same since Sara's dad left home. It all has Sara wondering if things will ever return to normal—especially if she can't even remember what normal feels like. Sara can't figure out why it seems that everyone else has it easier than she does. Would things be better if she were popular? Sara decides that if she can't beat 'em, she'll join 'em, and she hatches a top secret mission to become…Class favorite.

Published by Simon & Schuster MiX on November 6, 2007.

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Original Divas by Taylor Morris

Original Divas

When I'm good I'm very good, when I'm bad, I'm better. -- Mae West

Want to know how to transform yourself into the toast of Paris, or how to belt out bone-chilling blues? Read about the triumphs, tragedies and taboos conquered by stage divas Josephine Baker, Bessie Smith, Mae West, Carmen Miranda and Lillie Langtry. Original Divas supplies tons of details on the fabulous lives of these provocative performers through excerpts from diaries, interviews and historic photographs that portray just how smart and glamorous gals can be. Le jazz hot indeed.

Published by Girl Press on July 15, 2001.

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