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taylor morris

Class Favorite by Taylor Morris

Class Favorite Reviews

"Gr. 5-8 - This fun, fast-paced book is full of realistic dialogue and laugh-out-loud passages. Sara's sticky situations will make readers cringe while simultaneously breathing a sigh of relief that these things aren't happening to them."
- School Library Journal, Robyn Zaneski, New York Public Library

"Taylor Morris has captured the heart of an eighth grader in Class Favorite...I feel certain that any girl who has ever wished to be part of the popular crowd will totally relate to this book."
- TeensReadToo

"...the author creates a funny twist to the tried and true theme of adolescent angst in the unexpectedly composed way Sara handles each cringe inducing crisis, and girls will like this character."
- Publisher's Weekly

"Class Favorite will have you reminiscing of those awkward middle school days. Sara reminds us that we are all human, and we all have our embarrassing moments, but there is a way to come out on top."
- The Compulsive Reader

"Sara, in my opinion, is one of the most realistic characters I've ever read about...it's incredibly easy to relate to her. Class Favorite was a cute, funny, feel-good read that I greatly enjoyed."
- The Page Flipper

"Class Favorite follows Sara's hilarious journey through the perils and pitfalls of junior high school popularity, leaving ex-BFFs, clueless mothers, annoyingly-superior sisters, and drool-worthy hotties in her wake. Taylor Morris has done the impossible: she's created a character who simultaneously reminded me of both how I was and how I wanted to be when I was 13. Sara's fearlessness and ability to hold her head high and laugh at herself even in the most awkward of situations make her truly inspirational. I loved Sara, and I loved this book!"
- Aury Wallington, author of POP!

"Can you be the most popular girl in school without losing your soul? Taylor Morris tackles all the truly crazy issues of junior high - friendship, cliques, and yes, guys - with wit, sass, and enormous heart."
- Mariah Fredericks, author of The True Meaning of Cleavage, In the Cards, and lots more

"I wish Sara Thurman went to my junior high! I could have learned a thing or two from her about how to handle BFF breakups, major crushes and funky family dynamics."
- Audrey D. Brashich, author of All Made Up: A Girl's Guide to Seeing Through Celebrity Hype and Celebrating Real Beauty

"Taylor Morris must have the mind of a young teenager or secretly be a young teenager, because she sure wrote all her characters realistically and perfectly."
- The Frenetic Reader

"[Taylor Morris] really understands the middle school environment and does a great job creating the characters and their backstories, and all the jokes."
- Book Chic


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